Nearly Bedtime

Dusk has come and I am tired. Walking has offered no revelations, so I take my place on the sloping hillside at path’s end. The chill of the evening dampens the grass beneath me. As I peer across the valley, my eyes follow the distant city lights along the horizon and I daydream about the many different people and scenarios that are playing out at this moment. As I sit in silence, I rest my unfocused eyes on big, bright orbs of orange, white, and electric blue, which dance through the vapor curling slowly from my parted lips. I surround myself in the imaginary sounds of the busy streets as if they were summoned from the lights themselves and brought to life on the wind. I give myself over to them, and for a moment, I am carried away – up to the royal purples and blues of the clear, darkening sky. Stars appear and, one by one, they twinkle into existence like the glinting eyes of nocturnal creatures waking in the shadows. The questions I harbor have always been and always will be; my eyelids suffer from the weight of them. I succumb to the gentle tugging of my dreams and sink into an ocean of sleep.