The Reincarnation of Rain

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

 What a beautiful, warm day it has been today. The sun has finally set, and the light-grey sky is still hanging on to the last bit of remaining light. Just moments ago, I heard a hundred birds singing outside, and now as I listen to the last remaining few, I feel a slight vibration of approaching thunder. I can’t wait for the storm. I am ready for it. Every window in the house is open, and the cool breeze has already begun to sneak inside. My naked feet peek out from the blanket that warms the rest of me, and I still feel a trace of warmth lingering in the air. It will be gone soon. As soon as the rain starts, the cold will take over and all warmth will be gone, making way for new sensations to replace the old. I am so thankful for this feeling. Indeed, I am alive.

  I often wonder how much rain one cloud can bear. Like an expectant mother, a cloud carries its child in its womb until it can bear the burden no longer, and once it has swelled to its limit, it releases its child onto the world. I am the mouth that thirsts for this, and until the last raindrop falls, my heart will dance with the trees..


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