Glowy and Twinkling

Sunday, October 14, 2007 

  Put your mind inside of a star and look down (waaaay down!) to the Earth and look for me. Do you see that tiny little dot? If you look hard enough, you will see that that little dot is me, staring straight up at you! I don’t really mind being a dot, because when the skies are clear enough, I am bathed in light! And if you look at me then, all glowy and twinkling, you will see that I look like a little star myself! A little star that (maybe) fell out of place in the cosmos and that (perhaps) got trapped in the Earth’s pull and has been here ever since.. And sometimes when I look up at you my eyes hurt a bit, because despite the fact that you are so bright, my pupils do not want to close to you. They want to dilate and pull you inside of me, in much the same way as the Earth’s gravity (possibly) did to me! Maybe if I stare enough I can make you fall too, and we can both stare up together at the night-time sky until all of the stars rain down on us like little icy drops of rain, and we can be happy being dots, forever.


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