Dear Life,

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

  Tonight, the Universe tightens its hold on the cosmos, and even from my lighted window I see the stars close in on me. I know the chill outside; the clarity of the sky tells all on nights like this. Soon, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot will turn into the crunch of snow, reminding me of Time and the paths that I have taken since my soul was still young. I feel that my soul is already old, but how could it be so if it will go on forever? Will I always evolve (for the good), even long after my physical death? Will I ever stop? Will I eventually manage the darkness inside of myself, as well as the light? One day I pray that I will understand the Forces that drive people, and have more power over Me. I’m so thankful for the beauty around me. How else would I be able to see myself through to the end without being overwhelmed by the misery in the world? Even now I can hear the wind outside pulling at the trees, free and alive and causing everything that’s drenched in moonlight (or shadow) to stir and rustle and breathe. The sound mingles with my own breath and I feel such a connection with Life that I never want to leave it. I hope I never do.


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