A Letter to Velouria

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Baby Velouria,

Tonight I lay next to you, stroking your hair,

and we stared at each other with sleepy eyes

(like we always do)

in the soft light.

I snuggled my face close to you, and your lashes tickled me,


and I felt your lids grow heavy.

I whispered to you then and told you that I loved you,

before you were even born,

and that I wanted you when you were only an idea.

One day, when you are older,

Daddy and I will take you travelling,

and we will wander the world like Gypsies.

 We will lie in the grass on cloudless nights

and stare at the stars,

the three of us,

and (oh, Velouria!) I cannot wait to see the world and all of its wonders,

wide-eyed and innocent,

through you.

My Little One,

even as I type this I am watching you sleep,

and I wonder if it is possible for anyone in this universe

to love another as deeply as I do you.

I wonder,

did my mother do the same with me,

when I was just as small?


I look forward to every new day with you and Daddy.

You’re like a beautiful, laughing, squealing, chubby, dimpled dream.

I love you so much.



One Response to “A Letter to Velouria”

  1. Nathan Blake Says:

    I write poetry, studied it in school, go and participate in readings … it can wear on you a bit after awhile.

    This poem, as a writer and father, made me tear up. I know exactly what you were feeling and doing. Thank you for your creative spirit and sharing it with the world.

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